Limitless variation from SUYIN: Configurable series of PoE-capable THT RJ45 jacks available in over 100 different versions!

19th March 2013
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Available in more than 100 different variants to match customer requests and application requirements, SUYIN’s robust, right-angled 8P8C RJ45 jack with the model designation 101113FS520M204ZA is designed for THT-processes.
When fully equipped, this receptacle features a built-in receiver/transmitter filter (transformer module), two integrated light-emitting diodes (with yellow, green, and orange indication colors), and an additional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection. That makes it possible to eliminate the need for a separate power supply cable and for a DC power supply jack on the board when used in applications for broadband data connections in 10/100-Base-T Ethernet networks, such as routers, POS systems, telephone systems, set-top boxes, and many similar devices.

Thanks to the modular design, users can now select individual configurations that meet specific needs in regard to the desired technical specifications and the mechanical layout:

• Alternative transformer solutions, for instance in regard to the inductance (standard: 350 µH), the transceiver's insertion attenuation (standard: maximum of –1.2 dB in the 1 MHz to 125 MHz range), the common-mode rejection (standard: –30 dB) or the crosstalk (standard: –35 dB at up to 100 MHz).
• Equipping with LEDs (in different counts, or in versions without any LEDs)
• Alternative LED indication colors
• Different wiring plans
• And many other features

For all models extensive shielding measures on the sides and in the upper portion of the connector – including the spring fingers – reliably prevent electromagnetic emission and reception. The dimensions of these female connectors are 21.65 x 15.85 x 13.60 (L x W x H in mm).

Key specifications at a glance:

Connector type
PoE-capable THT RJ45 jack
Number of contacts

21.65 x 15.85 x 13.60 (LxWxH in mm)

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