Incredible diversity: Serial-ATA (SATA) and Mini-SATA receptacle connectors from SUYIN with heights from –1.0 mm to +11.5 mm

26th March 2012
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SUYIN offers an extensive range of 22-position (15 data pins and 7 power pins) Serial-ATA connectors for surface (SMT) and through-hole (THT) mounting, as well as a SMT Mini-SATA receptacle connector with 16 contact terminations
One special feature here is the gigantic selection of different overall heights that these SATA receptacle connectors make available. They spectrum ranges from –1.0 mm for countersunk mounting on the printed circuit board (PCB) to +11.5 mm (height above the board surface) in one-millimeter increments and in many intermediate sizes, thus making a total of more than 300 variants available.

Examples include the 127043HR022XX2QZX model with a height range from –1.0 mm (from the PCB surface to the center of the receptacle, see image) and the 127043FB022XX15XX, with an overall height of 11.5 mm. All receptacles are equipped for blind-mate/hot-plugging handling with two side-mounted positioning posts that prevent incorrect mounting and are able to handle greater misalignment tolerances during mating.

Two retention clips, which are also located on the connector's sides and have M2 threading, enable sturdy screw mounting on the PCB. The copper-alloy receptacle contacts with gold-over-nickel plating are configured for a max. load of 150 V DC /1.5 A DC per pin and are specified for 300 mating cycles. The contact resistance is 30 mΩ (initial); the insulation resistance is 1000 MΩ (initial), and the maximum insertion force is 35 N.

Many of the current SATA receptacles were originally developed for custom projects.

Depending on the order volume and the required delivery period, SUYIN is able to meet customer-specific requirements with regard to the type of packaging, adaptation of the connector housing, or the use of alternative contact plating. SUYIN can supply you with a quote for production volumes beginning at 80,000 pieces per year. Additionally, SUYIN can support to get your project underway with pre-series volumes

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