12- and 17-pin variants introduced to connector portfolio

23rd August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Over the last three decades, the M8/M12 connector system has established itself as the preferred device connection for use in rough environment which require a reliable, robust coupling solution. With various pin counts and a number of cable types, plug configurations and plug codings, ERNI Electronics has provided M8/M12 connectors addressing a wide spectrum of requirements. The company is now expanding its already-extensive M8/M12 portfolio to include M12 versions with higher pin-counts.

Design-in suitable for the existing ERNI M8/M12 range, the new M12 connectors provide 12 and 17 pins in the standard connector style. This enables to accomplish very compact device designs. The SMT terminals provide efficient assembly, suitable for automated processes.

Using the new M12 variants with higher pin-count less device interfaces are needed, while interfaces for bus, I/O, control, service and safety signals can be combined in a single connector/cable.

This for instance enables more ports for passive I/O boxes. For multi-pin connections in valve terminals M12 connectors can be used instead of larger M23 variants. This leads to reduced costs and smaller devices.

Typical applications which will benefit from the new high pin count connectors are complex sensors, cameras, scanners, rotary encoders, I/O boxes and sensor/actuator multi-pin connections.

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