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18th December 2012
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The great benefit that SUYIN provides lies primary in its ability to adapt connectors to meet its customers’ exact requirements and to satisfy the needs of the given application in terms of form and function. To do this, SUYIN draws on both standardized subcomponents and on the tremendous expertise that it has developed in recent decades in areas such as industrial, automotive and communications applications.
Another good example of how this works can be seen in a recently implemented 4 position vertical USB A connector (receptacle, fig. 1) for THT mounting on a PCB. The connector only had an overall maximum mounting height of just 3.25 mm above the board surface to work with in order to comply with the very tight space constraints.

Although the decision was made to go with a height-optimized connector solution for inboard mounting, achieving that goal seemed unattainable at first, because the production requirements made it impossible to bend the contacts within the tight radius limitations. Then a sophisticated design trick brought success: As the image (fig. 2) clearly shows, a miniature PCB was integrated.

This “transformer” made it possible to connect the female connector’s contacts in a way that matched receptacle’s soldering layout. The overall dimensions are 14.55 x 8.8 x 14 (L x B x H in mm). Employing this design measure does not have a detrimental effect on the values for insertion and removal forces or other specs, such as the vibration loads, and they meet standard requirements. In addition, two side-mounted THT soldering terminals ensure reliable anchoring on the board.

Key specifications at a glance:

Connector type
Vvertical USB-Jack, type A, THT
Number of contacts
14.55 x 8.8 x 14 (L x W x H in mm)
Part number

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