Standard, enhanced, modified and custom subrack plug-in units

18th August 2011
ES Admin
Verotec has extended its range of standard 2- and 4-rail plug-in modules for its KM6-II, KM6-RF, KM6-EC and KM6-HD subrack families and has introduced a new fast response design and manufacture service for fully custom plug-in units to complement its long-established modification services. All modules are fully compatible with IEC 60297-3 compliant subracks from any manufacturer. Standard 2- and 4-rail plug-in units are produced in two versions, standard and enhanced, in 3U and 6U heights with a wide range of sizes and depths. Standard units can be fitted with additional protective screens for the top, bottom, left and right sides of the units, while enhanced units, which feature full depth extruded sides for increased strength and rigidity, are available with optional additional EMC screening. Plug-in units for specific bus structures such as VXI are available as standard.
One of the first custom products to be manufactured under the new service was a shielded module design for a leading UK scientific research establishment. Based around the standard Eurocard form factor but with increased depth, the units were required for a specific project to house a fixed length, EM sensitive conductor that required very high level EMC shielding. A custom thick-walled aluminium extrusion, closed at both ends with a special machined and screened KM6-RF shielded front panel and fitted with additional beryllium copper gaskets was designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the application.

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