Rosenberg EC in-line duct fans

6th March 2013
ES Admin
Rosenberg has launched a new range of EC in-line duct fans in metal casings. Available in the following industry standard spigot sizes 160, 200, 250, 315 and 355 they have a lower consumption compared to traditional AC alternatives.
Fitted with all usual EC features, such as tacho output (speed sensor), and easy speed controllability by 0-10VDC signal or PWM.

If you were to compare an EC fan against a similar size AC fan, R315L (AC) vs R315G (EC). The AC version has a power consumption (at free air) of 0.317kwa and the EC 0,194kwa. The AC version is also slightly more powerful (max air 1750m³/h / max pressure 700Pa) than the EC (1500m³/h max / 640Pa Max).

If both fans are operated in a typical commercial application, operating point 900m³/h at 300Pa.

The fan will operate at full speed during 8 hours per day and run at half speed the rest of the time, 50 weeks per year, 7 days per week.


The table below shows the cost to operate each fan. You can see that the EC version is more cost effective making a yearly saving of £139.99, that is a 49% saving on the comparative AC version.

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