2012 Special Edition Train Themed Aluminum Chassis

18th September 2012
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Lian-Li has unveiled the PC-CK101 train themed aluminium chassis. Resembling a traditional steam engine train while still functioning as a computer case, this Lian Li 2012 Special Edition Chassis combines the train and DIY builder enthusiast worlds into one. Lian Li will also be launching a giveaway of the PC-CK101 to one lucky fan along with the release of the PC-CK101 on their new Facebook page.
##IMAGE_1_R##Available in two different versions the stationary PC-CK101 Standard and the moving PC-CK101 Premium, this Lian Li chassis is perfect for whether you want an unique, eye-catching chassis to serve as your home or home theatre PC, or a finely-crafted aluminium train moving up and down the tracks.

The PC-CK101 is separated into two sections: the car and the engine. In the car a mini-ITX motherboard fits comfortably. A 120mm fan blows cool air across the motherboard. Cable management from the car to the engine is made easy with a tunnel in the front on the car leading into the engine.

The engine holds the rest of the hardware. The included small form factor power supply sits in the back. A slim optical drive bay is located in the front of the engine. For storage capabilities the PC-CK101 can hold one 3.5” and one 2.5” hard drive.

The dual LED power button power button of the PC-CK101 is on the front of the engine and turns blue when on and glows red while reading. On the side of the engine are two USB 3.0 ports for high speed connectivity.

For builders more interested in the stationary PC-CK101 Standard, the chassis comes with one rail that has a label stating that the PC-CK101 is the 2012 Special Edition Chassis. For the moving PC-CK101 Premium, the chassis comes with six interlocking tracks so that this elegant aluminium train chassis can move up and down the tracks.

The PC-CK101 Standard and PC-CK101 Premium will be available for the suggested retail price of £160 and £265.

PC-CK101 Facebook Giveaway
Along with the release of the PC-CK101, Lian Li will be giving away a PC-CK101 to one special fan. To enter you only have to go to the “PC-CK101 Contest” tab on Lian Li's facebook page and press like. More rules and details are available there.


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