Non-magnetic, lightweight hermetic housings are bespoke

10th October 2016
Caroline Hayes

Bespoke hermetic housings cater for a diverse range of customer requirements, says Schott. The company provides customised hermetic microelectronic housings (MCM) to protect sensitive electronics, in a variety of materials. Various non-magnetic housings use light metals and alloys, such as titanium, aluminum and Monel, which can be made to match applications in microwave housings for a variety of sectors such as radar systems and aerospace applications.

Glass-to-metal housings are developed and produced for use in a variety of industry sectors, including aerospace, aviation and medical technology.

Vacuum-tight microelectronic housings facilitate sensitive measurement or control electronics, for radar applications or DC/DC converters for example, enabling them to continue to operate reliably at high performance even under harsh conditions.

Glass-titanium compounds are well-suited for use in the areas of aviation, aerospace, oil and gas and medical technology - if non-magnetic, yet lightweight housings are needed. Packages with the company’s GTAS technology (Glass-to-Aluminum Sealing) are also used when there is a need for lightweight material. Alternatively, the nickel-copper alloy Monel, is suited for chemically aggressive environments due to its acid and alkali resistance. Housings of cold rolled steel, stainless steel, Kovar, copper, molybdenum and copper (tungsten) are also manufactured. 

If the expansion co-efficients of the materials used are compatible, ceramics can also be combined with the materials listed above to form CerTMS (Ceramic-to-Metal Seals). Besides glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal housings, all ceramic, multi-layer housings (HTCC and LTCC) are offered to cater for the growing trend towards miniaturisation and enhanced complexity.

Depending on the application, customers can choose both the metal and a specific property, such as non-magnetic, lightweight or high thermal conductivity, for the housing.

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