Choice of maxiGRIP Heat Sink Attachment Systems is Expanded by ATS

Advanced Thermal Solutions has added to its line of maxiGRIP attachment systems for fast, secure mounting of heat sinks to flip chips, BGAs and other hot PCB components. More than 200 variations of maxiGRIP are now available for use on a wide variety of IC packages.
The maxiGRIP system features a plastic frame clip that snaps securely around a component’s perimeter. A stainless steel spring clip runs though the heat sink’s fin field and fastens securely to the plastic frame. As a result, the sink is mounted securely to the component with steady, even pressure. The spring clip is easily removed to allow a heat sink to be detached and re-attached. The frame clip is also removable.

The maxiGRIP system provides strong, reliable attachment of heat sinks on vertically-mounted components and on devices exposed to shock and vibration. The assembled maxiGRIP system is very low profile, allowing use in restricted spaces. Unlike alternative screw-on or snap-on attachment systems there is no chance of over- or under-tightening the sink to the processor surface or having the heat sink pop out during transport or installation, or by shock and vibration.

Using the unique maxiGRIP frame and spring clip designs, with a proven thermal interface material, the heat transfer from the hot chip to the heat sink is optimized and continuous.

The maxiGRIP system complies with NEBS standards and meets RoHS requirements. Parts are available for a wide range of heat sink shapes and sizes.

maxiGRIP systems are available with or without the associated heat sinks, from ATS and from Digi-Key.

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