Introducing a versatile extended range of subrack modules

26th April 2017
Anna Flockett

The most versatile system available on the market, the KM6 subrack family from Verotec contains three different systems, each optimised to suit a range of applications: KM6-II, KM6-RF and KM6-HD. The front panels, compatible with all KM6 versions, are a critical building block; three types are available: unshielded to IEC 60297, shielded to IEEE 1101.10 and a further design dedicated to the VXI architecture.

Two and four rail modules, which can be fitted with top, bottom and side covers to enclose, screen and protect the PCB are available in 3U and 6U heights, 160 and 220mm depths and a range of widths from 10-42HP.

Iridite NCP conductive finish extruded shielded panels are fitted with a double swipe stainless steel EMC gasket. They are available as blank filler panels, with a fixed pull handle or with an improved design of injector/ejector latching handle that generates greater insertion and extraction force for use with high pin count backplane connectors.

The injector/ejector handles include a pre-location pin and an ESD protection pin; a live extraction micro switch and additional screw fixings are optional extras. Shielded panels are available in 3U, 6U and 9U heights and 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12HP widths as standard, other widths to order.

Unshielded versions are available as blank panels or with pull handles in 3U and 6U heights and widths from 2-84HP. Both types are available either with both faces anodised and plastic screw mounting bushes or, where electrical conductivity with the subrack frame is required, with an anodised front face, an iridite NCP rear face and metal fixing bushes. Hinged versions in popular widths are also standard.

For VXI systems, Single and double with C and D size modules are available; shielded panels in a heavy duty extrusion that accepts beryllium copper shielding fingers are also available in 6U and 9U heights and 6HP and 12HP widths.

In-house customisation capability for all versions includes legend printing, drilling and milling holes, cut-outs, slots and recesses to accept front panel furniture such switches, connectors, displays and indicators.

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