Distributor funnels solutions into water industry

22nd June 2020
Mick Elliott

Cabinets and components for the Water and Waste Treatment industry are in stock at distributor Foremost Electronics.

Equipment enclosures and cabinets require careful consideration in these markets and protection from dust and water alone is often not enough.

Electromagnetic interference emitted by electric motors, power supply, relays, solenoids or power lines can interrupt the operation of critical electronic devices used for control and monitoring of water treatment processes.

The nVent Schroff Varistar electronics cabinet platform provides an innovative solution for highly effective EMC shielding of 60 dB at 1 GHz and 40 dB at 3 GHz to ensure reliable, uninterrupted operation of electronic equipment.

A wide range of options are available as well as tailored solutions, all with lead times guaranteed to keep projects on schedule.

Standard features include, environmental protection up to IP 55, doors with 4‐point locking and screw‐fixed side panels, static load‐carrying capacity to 800 kg and front, rear or base cable entry.

Secure cable entry is required for control cabinets to ensure cabinet IP ratings are not compromised while combining ease of access when installing, commissioning or during upgrades or maintenance.

The icotec KVT-ER split cable gland, available from Foremost, sets new standards in cable routing for cables with or without preassembled connectors.

This cable gland is liquid and dust proof to IP66/IP68, has a very robust housing, is vibration resistant, easy-to-install and a cost-effective solution for cable routing, sealing and strain relief. It will also accept pneumatic or hydraulic lines and corrugated conduits. The icotec split gland system ensures retrofitting, repairs and maintenance are simple tasks to perform.

To ensure the EMC shielding integrity of the cabinet, direct earthing of cable shields at the point of entry (e.g. at the enclosure or machine wall) is possible by using the additional KVT-EMC shield clamp bracket, removing the need for additional EMC cable glands.

For connecting sensors and external equipment Foremost can supply miniature and sub-miniature waterproof connectors from Tajimi Electronics.

These products are suited to many special application requirements and industries requiring high reliability. The product range includes 20m, 30m and 100m depth specifications and are suitable for extremely harsh environments where hermetically sealed connectors are required.

Ideal for water and waste treatment plants the connectors are made from light weight brass and zinc alloy / nickel construction, with a temperature range of -25˚C to +85˚C.

For electronic equipment designers looking for a flexible human-machine interface (HMI) Foremost can supply the new E18 mechanical incremental encoder from ELMA Electronic. The industry standard footprint E18 product family incorporates all the features required for the widest range of applications while providing improved performance and manufacturability. Typical applications include water distribution controls, monitoring systems and industrial controllers.

The E18 encoder is available with an optional centre push button with the choice of 3N or 6N push force and may be further customised with bespoke shaft dimensions and shapes, user specified detent torque and IP60 or IP68 front panel sealing for rugged applications.

Emma Kempster, Key Account Manager, of Foremost Electronics, comments;” The water and waste treatment industry presents a number of specific requirements for system builders. In addition to just supplying individual products Foremost has the knowledge, experience and expertise to supply complete packages of products which will complement each other and fulfil these specialist needs. Our suppliers are also very happy to work with us to provide bespoke solutions.”

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