Cooling alternatives mitigate impending legislation

20th November 2014
Barney Scott

From 1st January 2015 it will be illegal to use any recycled or reclaimed ozone-depleting HydroChloroFluoroCarbon (HCFC) R22 refrigerant to service cooling units. R22 remains one of the UK's most common refrigerants, used in the past to charge cooling units and chillers that provide electrical enclosure and process cooling. Rittal advise that this legislation may dramatically affect users' ability to service and maintain existing cooling products, potentially resulting in downtime.

Given that most systems leak to a certain degree, practical implications for businesses involve ensuring that no equipment of strategic importance uses HCFCs by 2015. All current users of HCFC systems should develop a plan to manage operations without HCFCs. Doing nothing is not a sustainable option.

To avoid this damaging scenario, Rittal advises companies to check any cooling equipment, and if they contain the soon-to-be banned R22 refrigerant, contact Rittal for advice on suitable replacement products. Rittal’s climate control range includes enclosure cooling units with outputs from 300-4000W and water chillers with capacities between 1 and 481kW.

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