Compact chillers give scalable, efficient cooling

30th May 2013
ES Admin
Pfannenberg has extended its ecool enclosure thermal management portfolio with the introduction of the CC Compact range of air-water chillers, which are very cost-effective and energy efficient. The family consists of six models rated at 1100 to 6500W: the three smaller sizes are powered from 115/230VAC 50/60Hz single-phase supplies, the larger three units from 50/60Hz three-phase power.
Applications range from machine tools, plastic processing, the food, drink and pharmaceutical industry as well as printing units, packaging lines, welding systems and IT server cabinets. The chiller, which is typically used in conjunction with a cabinet-mounted air-water heat exchanger, reduces the load on the building air conditioning system by extracting the heat in a closed loop system to outside the building, reducing costs. Closed loop air-water cooling is also an effective solution where conventional thermal management with cooling units or filter fans is not possible due to dust or dirt pollution. The chillers can be interconnected in a ring configuration to give redundancy for critical applications and the optimised airflow through the units provide improved temperature stability and allows operation in higher ambient temperatures up to 45°C.

The chillers are easy to maintain: removable side panels and a hinged front door enable easy access to the components. IP54 sealing allows the units to be installed in harsh ambient conditions.

The units carry UL, cUL, GOST and CE Approvals. They also have ETL 1995 certification, making them particularly interesting for machine manufacturers who work internationally. For more information, visit pfannenberg.com/en/products/chillers/.

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