Blue e+ IT protects IT equipment in the industrial space

15th December 2020
Alex Lynn

Most people envisage the traditional setting for IT equipment as a cavernous data centre, housing large numbers of racks with flashing LED lights, all contained within a sterile environment specially designed to protect the delicate internal electrical components.

By Karl Lycett – Rittal UK’s Product Manager for Climate Control

While this type of location does exist, IT equipment is increasingly being relocated from ‘white spaces’ and into the more hostile environment of the production facility.

This trend is based on a need for reduced latency between the IT and the machines it controls. Bringing the two physically closer together means that they can communicate more efficiently.

The white space is then given over to any IT that controls business services which don’t require such speeds. Or the space can simply be repurposed and used as a storage facility for company records or files.

But moving the IT equipment from one location to another isn’t as simple as it sounds. Compared to the machines they control IT components are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations while also themselves generating a considerable amount of excess heat. This has to be managed, and the only effective way to do so is by using a specific type of climate control which is designed to cater for the needs of industrial IT.

Rittal is a technology specialist in both industrial and IT climate control systems and it has introduced the ‘Blue e+ IT’ cooling unit, developed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial IT. Its innovative ducting offers a high level of protection for IT equipment.

The cooling unit can be mounted on the rear of the IT rack, while delivering cold air via ducting through to the front of the equipment in accordance with standard IT ‘front breathing’ airflows. This means that the hot and cold air do not mix; a scenario which would reduce the efficiency of the cooling.

A roof-mounted version of the Blue e+ IT unit is also available, if space is in short supply.

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