New BGA Heatsink Range Launched

3rd January 2012
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Improved thermal performance is achievable at low cost now that ABL Components has launched a new suite of BGA (Ball Grid Array) heatsink products to complement its existing range. The company already supplies much of the UK heatsink market and, following new product developments in recent years, has also substantially increased its overseas sales, being specified by many OEMs around the world.
The BGA range has been developed to suit a variety of demanding requirements and comes with both flip chip, push pin and standard BGA options. The comprehensive range available will assist designers and engineers in selecting the product which will provide maximum thermal performance as well as suiting the operating envelope in which the device will be sited. There is a large choice of width, length and height options, suited to both natural air flow and forced air operating environments.

All the new products come fitted with thermally conductive adhesive tape which enables the device to be mounted easily and consistently in the final production process. The adhesive tape is designed to provide excellent adhesive properties and in some cases can eliminate the need for additional retaining parts and the need for holes through the PC board.

In operating environments where stronger attachment methods may be required, pushpin or wireform accessories are available to facilitate more robust mounting to the device. Pushpins will locate the BGA heatsink into holes in the PC board and provide greater security where vibration may be an issue. Wireform retaining clips are also available and provide a mechanical attachment using pressure to retain the heatsink on the device.

Because all of the BGA heatsinks are supplied from ABL’s newly created stock, it provides a very low cost product development option for designers and engineers – small lot sizes and fast turn-around of product are available. Additionally, designers will benefit from no die tooling costs and the high number of options available allow the product choice to be uniquely tailored to the designer’s specific needs.
Complementing the new range, ABL have launched an interactive web-site aimed at simulating the thermal performance of all products, calculating efficiency based on a forced air or natural convection operating environment and at different lengths of heatsink.

ABL Sales Director, Andy McLoughlin, commented: “Even after 35 years in the heatsink market, ABL is very aware of the need to innovate and provide new solutions to assist the increasingly tighter performance criteria faced by designers and engineers. We are very proud of helping to provide the UK’s widest range of stocked heatsinks. The updating of ABL’s BGA range, aligned with our new High Performance heatsink portfolio and our well established single piece extruded profile heatsink range, makes us the perfect choice for companies looking to develop new heatsink solutions.”

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