Addressing the problem of overheating panels

8th December 2014
Nat Bowers

Rittal have a large range of cooling products that address the problem of overheating panels. The company's TopTherm fan-and-filter units are efficient but require a clean and cool environment for effective operation. Air-to-air heat exchangers have separate internal and external air paths, preventing dirt and dust from entering the panel, but still require cool ambient air.

Cooling units also have separate air circuits but are capable of cooling the air inside an enclosure to a temperature lower than that of the ambient as well as maintaining a clean internal environment. In the case of thermoelectric coolers, the Peltier effect is used to deliver modest amounts of cooling, typically to small panels, offering a lightweight and compact solution. Units from the Rittal TopTherm Blue e range incorporate a refrigerant circuit and so have larger nominal cooling capacities, up to 4kW.

Air-to-water heat exchangers can maintain the air inside a panel at a temperature lower than that of the surrounding air and have an additional benefit of allowing heat to be dissipated remotely. Water is the cooling medium used to transport thermal energy to an alternative location, where it may be discharged without increasing the temperature in an already warm environment. To complete the chilled water system, a Rittal chiller can be used to return the water to its’ original condition before recirculating to the heat exchanger.

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