VadaTech PCI124 based on the PCI-SIG specification

24th July 2020
Alex Lynn

VadaTech has announced the PCI124 and PCI125. The PCI124/125 are VadaTech’s 4th generation PCIe expansion modules based on the PCI-SIG specification. Both modules include a Retimer/Conditioner to improve signal integrity for enhanced system performance and reliability across long cables.

The Retimer/Conditioner also removes both random and deterministic jitter from the input signals, eliminating inter-symbol interference and resetting the output jitter budget. This conditioning supports the full 16 lanes.

The PCI125 provides x16 expansion via two OCuLink connectors on the front panel. The PCI124 has the dual OCuLink to the rear, making it a well suited companion product for additional I/O to PCI597, resulting in data rates to/from FPGA of up to 384 Gb/s.

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