Updated guidelines on PCB fabrication and assembly

12th March 2021
Alex Lynn

Bittele Electronics has released an updated DFM and DFA Handbooks that detail best practices for printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication and assembly. The handbooks also describe Bittele's fabrication capabilities, suggestions for cost reductions, and design recommendations for optimising PCB fabrication and maximising PCB assembly efficiency.

The DFM handbook provides guidelines for designing PCBs that can be manufactured quickly and efficiently. DFM guidelines ensure manufacturability issues are addressed during the design stage, rather than during production.

“By providing our DFM guide, we hope to avoid situations where our client has finished a board design but must later revise it. Bittele's comprehensive DFM guide saves you time and money by resolving issues before fabrication begins," said Ben Yang, CEO of Bittele Electronics.

The DFA handbook provides guidelines for designing PCBs that can be assembled in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

"In order to create a high-quality project for the lowest cost and in the most efficient manner, it is critical to consider DFA principles," says Ben Yang, CEO of Bittele Electronics. "This guide describes what DFA means and allows clients to reap the greatest possible benefit during PCB assembly, and satisfied clients are always Bittele’s primary objective," added Yang.

You can download Bittele's updated DFM and DFA handbooks.

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