Starter kits aid the development of boards

17th March 2017
Anna Flockett


Containing everything needed to start developing with the Red Pitaya STEMLab 125-10 or 125-14 boards, Red Pitaya STEMLab has introduced its new starter kit.

The Red Pitaya boards feature a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 and FPGA MCU and offer fast and slow analogue I/O. The boards can act as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, and more. The STEMLab Boards are available in two versions the STEMLab 125-10 and 125-14. Both offer the same functions and features with the difference being technical specifications of high-frequency inputs and outputs.

The boards are designed to target different groups and needs. STEMLab 14 has 14-bit input/output channels for highly accurate measurement results in professional environment.

STEMLab 10 has 10-bit input/output channels and is perfect for universities, students and makers.

Other differences include:

  • The 125-10 has 256MB of ram while the 125-14 has 512MB.
  • The STEMLab 125-10 requires a USB to serial converter for console connection while the 125-14 has a micro USB connection.
  • Power consumption for the 125-10 is 5V, 1.5A max while the 125-14 is 5V 2A max.
  • The 125-14 can accommodate synchronisation with a daisy chain connector (up to 500Mbps).

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