Sensor solution enables remote access to indoor data

12th May 2020
Mick Elliott

The PIM486 Enviro from Pimoroni for the Raspberry Pi provides a comprehensive sensor solution for indoor monitoring, offering accurate measurement of pressure, temperature, humidity, noise level, and light.

It is in stock at Mouser Electronics.

The fully assembled board enables engineers to push collected data to an external server, allowing remote access from any location.

It incorporates a Bosch BME280 humidity and pressure sensor.

Designed for mobile applications prioritising low power consumption and small form factor, the BME280 sensor offers a high-linearity tool for measuring humidity, pressure, and temperature.

It features exceptionally high accuracy and rapid response times, supporting performance requirements for context awareness applications.

The PIM486 Enviro also includes a Lite-On LTR-559ALS-01 optical sensor — an integrated I²C digital light and proximity sensor with a built-in emitter — as well as a Knowles SPH0645LM4H-B MEMS microphone.

It is shipped with a Python library, and is a compact 65 mm × 30 mm × 8.5 mm module ideal for use with the Raspberry Pi Zero and compatible with all 40-pin Raspberry Pi models.

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