Plug and play modules stimulate electronics teaching

26th October 2017
Mick Elliott

The Grove Zero kit from Seeed Studio contains a set of colour-coded, magnetic electronic modules that enables teachers and students to learn about programming, electronics, design, and logic. It is available to buy at Mouser Electronics. The kit is a collection of plug-and-play modules, each with a built-in microcontroller preconfigured with code.

The modules are colour coded according to function — such as sensor input or LED output — and snap together via magnetic connectors that allow students to connect the modules without worrying about order or direction.

The modules also feature 2.54mm breakout pads for advanced users or students ready to learn how to solder and build simple circuits.

Seeed Grove Zero modules are programmable through the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) as well as through the Module Matcher or Microsoft MakeCode graphical interface.

With student resources, a teacher’s guide, and detailed curriculum written by experienced educators, the Grove Zero Starter kit allows teachers bring these lessons into their classrooms, regardless of previous experience with electronics.

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