Pickering showcase latest switching modules and chassis at AMPER 2014

18th March 2014
Jacqueline Regnier


Pickering Interfaces will be showcasing its latest switching modules and chassis at the AMPER 2014 Exhibition in Hall V, Booth 3.06. These products include Pickering’s LXI, PXI, RF Matrix, Microwave Multiplexer and PCI Ranges.

PXI RF Solid State 6GHz Multiplexers (40-88X) - includes an SP8T (8:1) MUX occupying two PXI slots and an SP16T (16:1) MUX occupying three PXI slots. Each MUX uses solid-state switches that ensure fast switch operation time of 50µs, very repeatable performance and an indefinite service life when used within ratings. The designs have been carefully optimised for VSWR performance and insertion loss. Particular attention has been paid to crosstalk and isolation to ensure that unselected switch paths have minimal output signal content. Each multiplexer can handle up to +30dBm of signal power and signal frequencies from 10MHz to over 6GHz. Unused ports are automatically terminated to manage VSWR effects in cables.

PXI Microwave Multiplexer Upgrade (40-784A) - supports one, two, or three microwave multiplexers and the multiplexers can be ordered as either 4 or 6-way. The multiplexers fitted to each model are characterised for bandwidths of 6, 18, 26.5, or 40GHz and have excellent performance throughout their frequency range. All models occupy just two 3U PXI slots. The single and dual multiplexers all feature LED’s that indicate which path of the multiplexer is closed.

PXI 16A Power Relay Module (40-161) - capable of switching currents up to 16Amp and voltages up to 300V DC/250V AC with hot switch power of 448W at 28V DC and 4000VA at 250V AC. Configurations include 16, 12, or 10 SPST, or 12 or 6 SPDT relays.

All the PXI modules can be used in any PXI chassis, can be fitted to PXI hybrid slots in a PXIe chassis and can also be used in Pickering’s LXI Modular chassis for users preferring control via an Ethernet port.

LXI Wideband Modular Matrix (65-110) - offers a solution that can be easily reconfigured by the removal and insertion of sub-cards. This matrix provides routing for up to 16 of 104 X connections simultaneously to 16 measuring devices on the Y-axis with a usable BW of 500MHz.

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