Monarch Go Pi HAT includes LTE antenna for IoT solutions

27th August 2020
Mick Elliott

A development kit to help product engineers and network developers enable simple, cost-effective LTE connectivity for IoT solutions has been launched by Avnet.

The Monarch Go LTE-M modem component from Sequans is for use in business-critical applications, including asset tracking and remote monitoring.

With capabilities beyond a traditional cellular module, Monarch Go includes the LTE antenna and is pre-certified for end-customer use on the Verizon network, allowing engineers to significantly reduce lab testing and development time.

Monarch Go is based on the Sequans Monarch GM01Q module that supports LTE-M and NB-IoT and is certified by leading operators in North America, Europe and Asia, giving it worldwide deployment and roaming capability.

By combining Raspberry Pi HAT-capable single-board computers with Monarch Go, Avnet’s new Pi HAT offers lower cost of ownership and improved speed to market to develop a cellular IoT-connected device.

“Connectivity is the crucial pillar that all IoT solutions are built on, yet it presents one of the biggest hurdles for implementation,” said Jim Beneke, vice president of products and emerging technologies, Avnet. “By connecting Raspberry Pi HAT-compatible devices with Monarch Go LTE modems, developers and engineers can create seamless connectivity, saving time and money. This new component is the latest addition to Avnet’s end-to-end ecosystem of solutions and services to bring projects from idea to design, and design to production.”

“The Monarch Go Pi HAT development board is a boon to developers wanting to add LTE connectivity to their IoT devices,” said Nick Taluja, Sequans vice president of sales. “It makes it simple and easy to create and develop all kinds of IoT applications in a development environment that is widely used and understood, thus accelerating massive IoT deployment.”

The Monarch Go Pi HAT can operate in two modes for added development flexibility, either in conjunction with a single-board computer or in stand-alone mode, leveraging a micro USB interface.

In addition, the Pi HAT includes a shuttle click expansion connector to enable 3.3V I/O I2C, SPI, UART and GPIO-based click modules from MikroElektronika.

This expansion connector provides engineers with access to a large array of click module offerings, which can be used to prototype various LTE-based applications such as asset tracking, remote monitoring and embedded kiosks.

The kit includes a production-ready Monarch Go LTE modem with pre-installed ThingSpace IoT SIM, the MikroElektronika shuttle click site, voltage I/O translator and micro USB. Pi HAT supports both Monarch Go and Monarch Go-GPS modems.

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