IoT development board saves time and money

18th October 2018
Mick Elliott

Availability of Microchip’s AVR microcontroller IoT (Internet of Things) development board for Google Cloud has been announced by distributor RS Components. This rapid development solution enables engineers to achieve the fast prototyping of cloud-connected devices within minutes.

Delivering an easy method of connecting up embedded applications, Microchip’s AVR-IoT WG development board integrates a powerful AVR-based MCU – the ATmega4808 – together with a secure-element IC and a fully certified Wi-Fi network controller.

The board works in conjunction with Google Cloud IoT Core, which offers an artificial intelligence and machine learning based infrastructure and enables the simple collection, processing and analysis of data, as well as delivering a highly scalable platform for myriad IoT applications.

Developers can easily add cloud connectivity to a device via a free online portal at

As Microchip’s AVR devices are supported in the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), once an IoT device is connected to Google Cloud, engineers can develop and debug their application in the cloud using rapid development tools such as Microchip’s MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) or Atmel START.

The AVR-IoT development board’s ATmega4808 processor is an 8-bit MCU that features Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) to deliver low power consumption. It also offers advanced sensing and robust actuation features, making it ideal for deployment in real-time sensing and control applications.

The board’s secure element is the ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication IC, which delivers a trusted and protected identity for secure authentication of devices.

The ATECC608A comes pre-registered on Google Cloud IoT Core and is ready for use with zero touch provisioning.

The third key element of the board is the ATWINC1510, which is a fully certified IEEE802.11-b/g/n IoT network controller that connects via an SPI interface.

Overall, avoiding significant penalties in time and cost, this easy-to-use solution means that developers can create cloud-connected applications without requiring expertise in communications protocols, security or hardware compatibility.

In addition, they do not have to deal with security vulnerabilities or face the challenges generated with the use of large software frameworks and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

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