Industrial mainboards simultaneously drive three displays

30th March 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


Industrial mainboards, manufactured by Fujitsu, can simultaneously drive three displays. To provide this Multi Monitor Support, the D3236-S ATX mainboard, the D3231-S micro ATX mainboard and the D3243-S mini-ITX mainboard each feature one DVI-I and two DP V1.2 graphics interfaces.

Additionally, the D3243-S has a dual-channel 24-bit LVDS port. The displays can be operated independently with different content assigned to each one. It is equally possible, however, to operate them in collage mode, in which one large-scale image is assembled from several display ‘tiles.’ This makes these boards particularly suitable for digital signage and multiple-display solutions in control panels as well as in CAD applications. 

All industrial mainboards within the product family are equipped with an Intel Q87 chipset and support the 4th gen of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors with LGA1150 socket. Designed for industrial applications with operating temperatures between 0 and 60°C, the boards are made from particularly rugged and durable components. The mainboards comply with industrial standards concerning CE (EMC and safety), burst, climate, shock and vibration. The maximum power consumption of the processor is 95W.

Due to the high degree of automation at the Augsburg production facility and the scale effects made possible by the high production volume of the plant, Fujitsu can offer their mainboards at very attractive prices. This makes the products affordable for digital signage and kiosk applications as well. In this price-sensitive environment, consumer-grade boards are often used due to their lower purchase price, although they are not suitable for the required continuous operation, often outdoors and under difficult thermal conditions.

Regarding typical industrial applications, Multi Monitor Support offers optimum conditions for HMI designs. For example, the D3236-S, the D3231-S and the D3243-S make it possible to drive three separate display units and control consoles on a manufacturing machine.

Peter Hoser, Sales Director, Systemboard OEM, Fujitsu, said: “In digital signage installations, our industrial mainboards can make a particularly substantial contribution to lowering the total cost of ownership. Like all models in our industrial series, they are designed for 24/7 continuous operation with regard to components and manufacturing quality. Therefore, their life expectancy in the field is higher than that of repurposed desktop boards. The possibility of driving three displays with only one mainboard not only saves the energy costs of two processors. Doing away with the lost heat of two processors also reduces thermal stress and thus failure probability in the whole installation, not only the board itself, but also other components, especially the displays.”

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the mainboards are available through industrial distributors Rutronik, MSC Vertriebs, Bicker Elektronik, HY-LINE Computer Components Vertriebs and Tragant. Depending on the board and version, the range of recommended end user prices is €180 to €250 including VAT.

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