Hardware-in-the-loop tests of AURIX based systems

11th February 2020
Alex Lynn

Hitex has announced that it now offers extensive support for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing of AURIX based systems. HIL tests allow testing of embedded real-time control systems in a virtual environment. This can significantly reduce costs and test times.

Complete hardware-in-the-loop systems can be complex and expensive. Hitex has developed miniHIL in cooperation with Protos Software as a cost-effective system for automated tests. The test item is connected to miniHIL, for which a variety of adapters for different microcontrollers are available. Of course, proprietary hardware can also be connected via customised adapters.

HIL refers to a process in which an embedded system is connected to a simulation of the real environment of the system. A HIL system has to emulate sensors and actuators in order to connect the test system to the environment. This procedure allows embedded systems to be secured at an early stage, which significantly reduces the costs for troubleshooting. For example, failure conditions can be documented and repeated more easily. 

HIL simulation usually has to run in real time and is used in development to save costs, increase quality, shorten development times and thus shorten the time to market. The miniHIL developed by Hitex and Protos is a cost-effective way to perform these HIL tests.

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