mBed IoT starter kit arrives in distribution channel

13th April 2015
Mick Elliott

Through an exclusive agreement with ARM, Farnell element14 is the first distributor to stock the recently launched ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit – Ethernet Edition for IBM Internet of Things Foundation, opening up opportunities for tech enthusiasts across the world to experiment and innovate with the IoT.

Available from element14, priced at £79, the development kit enables people with limited or no experience of embedded design or web development to create IoT applications and devices in a matter of minutes.

David Shen, Group CTO, Premier Farnell, said: “The ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit is a suitable ecosystem to develop IoT enabled applications.  The out of box experience is outstanding as it allows designers of all skill levels to get their device connected to the cloud and begin reading the kits sensors remotely in a matter of minutes. This agreement is another example of how we are leading the market in opening up new opportunities for innovation and making the right tools and expertise available to engineers and enthusiasts across the world.”

“The agreement with element14 makes the ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit easily available to any developer, almost anywhere on the planet, at a price they can afford,” said Zach Shelby, vice president, IoT business marketing, ARM. “A major focus for mbed is to lower the barriers to IoT innovation, enabling anyone to become an entrepreneur. This kit helps to deliver on that ambition.”

The development kit, which guides users through the processes for developing cloud-ready IoT devices, comes with an ARM mbed-enabled development board, built on the Freescale FRDM-K64F Kinetis MCU, which has an ARM Cortex-M4 processing core running at 120MHz.  An Ethernet connection links the kit to IBM's Bluemix cloud service, which acts as a guide on how to use the board.

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