Evaluation kit delivers rapid IoT prototypes

18th October 2017
Mick Elliott

The Grid-EYE evaluation kit from Panasonic is available at Mouser Electronics. By combining Grid-EYE infrared (IR) sensor technology with Bluetooth technology and software for IR detection of people and objects on one board, the kit enables engineers to develop rapid prototypes of wireless sensor Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Engineers can use the board in a standalone mode or connect it to an Arduino-compatible board to work with different interfaces.

The evaluation kit combines a Grid-EYE high-performance IR array sensor, a nanopower Panasonic PAN1740 Bluetooth Smart module, and a Microchip SAM D21 microcontroller on a single PCB. The Grid-EYE sensor offers high accuracy, enhanced resolution, and long detection distance.

It integrates a sensitive MEMS sensor chip, a digital ASIC (I2C interface), and a silicon lens. The sensor features 64 thermopile elements in an 8×8 grid format that detects absolute surface temperature without any contact.

Unlike conventional sensors, Grid-EYE uses a patented 60-degree silicon lens etched out of a silicon wafer, which, at less than 0.3 mm, is one of the smallest available in the market.

The Panasonic PAN1740 is a single-model Bluetooth module optimised for low power that features a fully shielded case, integrated chip antenna, and onboard crystal oscillators. The module draws only 4.9mA in transmit or receive mode, allowing the use of coin cell batteries with no reduction of signal range or transmit power.

The onboard Microchip ATSAMD21G18 microcontroller features 256Kbytes of flash and 32 Kbytes of SRAM, support for USB 2.0 host and device, and Event System for inter-peripheral signalling.

In addition to the Grid-EYE evaluation kit, engineers can use the Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES130# Building Automation Shield and MAXREFDES131# Evaluation Kit with onboard Grid-EYE sensor to prototype designs that incorporate detection of multiple persons, identification of positions, and direction of movement.

The contactless Grid-EYE sensors enable high-performance measurements for security, household appliances, lighting control, industrial controls, and many other applications.

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