Evaluation boards target growing wireless charging market

24th October 2018
Mick Elliott

Availability and full design support capabilities are for two evaluation boards from GaN Systems have been announced by Richardson RFPD. The power amplifiers are designed for the growing wireless charging market and feature gallium nitride (GaN) technology that enables smaller, lighter, lower-cost, and more efficient power systems.

The 100W power amplifier, GSWP100W-EVBPA, is ideal for applications in the consumer market, including items such as laptop computers, recreational drones, domestic assistant robots, power tools, and fast-charging of multiple smart phones. 

The 300W power amplifier, GSWP300W-EVBPA, is targeted for the industrial and transportation markets for applications including delivery drones, warehouse robots, medical units, factory automation, contractor power tools, eBikes and scooters. 

Both power amplifiers offer a range of features, including current or voltage control, built-in protection circuitry, EMI filtering, and configurable output power.

The amplifiers combine GaN Systems power transistors with high-frequency GaN E-HEMT drivers from pSemi. 

Additional key features of the PA evaluation boards include 6.78MHz frequency, up to 100W and 300W transmit output power, and >90% peak efficiency.

They are accompanied by a User’s Guide that includes the evaluation board schematic, circuit description, a quick start guide, and measurement results.

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