RF module speeds time to market for meter makers

8th March 2015
Mick Elliott

A team formed of EBV Elektronik, WEPTECH elektronik and STMicroelectronics have developed a flexible sub-GHz RF module that streamlines certification of wireless M-BUS and OMS metering systems. The module, called MAIA within the EBVchips program, addresses different metering applications, including automatic meter reading (AMR), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), gas and water meters, and electricity meters, as well as heat meters or readers and concentrators.

The RF module, which will be released in a compact form factor (15mm x 14mm) suitable for SMT assembly, features an STM32L0 ultra-low-power microcontroller, a low-power SPIRIT1 sub-GHz transceiver, and BALF-SPI-01D3 Balun. In addition, the module incorporates the wireless M-Bus and OMS-layer to OMS 3.X and OMS 4.X specifications and supports connection to an external antenna. The module will be pre-certified and CE conforming. 

“The module provides easy and quick integration of an OMS interface in meter or smart meter gateways, enabling – in fact, encouraging – fast time-to-market with the OMS interface,” said Wolfgang Esch, WEPTECH elektronik and member of the board of the OMS group. 

Key Features include 1.8 – 3.8 V supply voltage, ultra low power modes; low power down to 0.27uA and output power of +12 dBm.

The module conforms to EU R&TTE directive.

The picture is of Maia, daughter of Atlas and mother of Hermes, but I’m sure you all knew that anyway.

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