Development kits based on microcontroller series

24th May 2017
Mick Elliott

A selection of Synergy Kits from Renesas are in stock at Mouser Electronics. These kits are based on Renesas’ S1, S3, and S7 Series microcontrollers, and are engineered to be modular and expandable wherever possible with emphasis on extremely easy and error-proof board configuration. Expansion ports make heavy use of industry-standard Pmod connectors with a wide range of plug-in modules available.

The kits work with Renesas' e² studio Integrated Software Development Environment (ISDE) for the Synergy Platform. They are available in starter kits, development kits, and product examples to meet varying levels of technical expertise and applications.

The SK-S7G2 Starter Kit provides a low-cost entry point into the entire Synergy Platform based on the S7 Series microcontroller. The board features a touch-enabled color QVGA TFT display, high-speed connectivity over Ethernet, USB-HS host and USB-FS device, CAN, plus wireless connectivity to mobile Internet devices via Bluetooth low energy 4.0.

Renesas Synergy Development Kits are engineered to meet a wide range of needs. These needs include getting started with the entire platform, in-depth evaluation of technologies, and project development.

The DK-S124 Development Kit hosts an onboard, ultra-low power S1 Series S124 microcontroller. The DK-S124 provides access to all pins and features of the microcontroller, plus broad expansion capabilities, including a Bluetooth low energy radio that enables communication with mobile devices.

The DK-S3A7 Development Kit features an S3 Series microcontroller with an ARM Cortex-M4 CPU core with floating point unit (FPU). The kit includes an SCLD display, an upper board with the S3 Series microcontroller, and a lower board for signal expansion and implementation special functions.

The DK-S7G2 Development Kit provides a complete basis for hardware and software development using the flagship Synergy S7 Series microcontroller. The easy-to-use kit contains automated blocks of signal routing, including a quick check through LEDs if routing is correct for the desired macro functions, providing error-proof configuration.

Representing how engineers could design a connected human machine interface (HMI) using the Synergy Platform, the PE-HMI1 Product Example is designed to be used in a variety of connected graphical user interface (GUI) panel applications.

It features a seven-inch WVGA colour TFT display with capacitive touch screen and a CMOS imager that takes advantage of graphics capability provided by an S7 Series microcontroller.

The product example kit is ideal for developing access control, home automation, building automation panels, and other connected human interface applications.

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