Development board enables rapid prototyping

29th November 2022
Mick Elliott

Microchip Technology’s PIC32CX-BZ2 and WBZ451 Curiosity development board, based on the WBZ451PE module, is the development platform for evaluating the PIC32CX-BZ2 family of MCUs.

It is in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

It comes preconfigured with an out-of-the-box multi-protocol demo application.

The board features a temperature sensor, a current measurement header, an RGB LED, and a MikroElectronika mikroBUS socket to attach many sensors and add-on boards.

Integrated programming/debugging features use the PICkit On-board 4 (PKoB4) debugger interface.

It requires only a micro USB cable to power up and program the board.

The Curiosity board includes a mikroBUS Click header, which helps the users to expand the functionalities by connecting to various MikroElectronika mikroBUS Click adapter boards.

It performs rapid prototyping utilising the BLE and Zigbee-enabled RF module.

Features include

  • USB or LiPo battery powered
  • On-board programmer/debug circuit using PKoB4 based on Microchip SAME70 MCU
  • Microchip MCP73871 Li-ion/LiPo battery charger with power path management
  • mikroBUS socket to expand functionality using MikroElectronika Click adapter boards
  • RGB LED connected to pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • One reset switch
  • One user-configurable switch
  • One user LED
  • 32.768 kHz crystal
  • Microchip SST26VF064B 64 Mbit external QSPI Flash memory
  • Microchip MCP9700A low power analog voltage temperature sensor
  • 10-pin Arm® serial wire debug (SWD) header for external programmer/debugger

Applications cover wireless lighting, home automation or Internet of Things (IoT), industrial automation, and BLE or Zigbee-related applications.

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