DDR4 memory enhances board performance

3rd February 2016
Mick Elliott

For semi-industrial applications, Fujitsu has launched the new D3402-B and D3417-B boards of the Extended Lifecycle Series. They support the new, 6th generation Intel Core processors and allow the use of DDR4 memory, that is characterised by a significant increase in performance. Both models are available at distributor Rutronik.

The 100er series of Intel chipsets enables the use of more powerful CPUs with a simultaneous reduction of power consumption. The boards are designed for continuous use on a 24/7-operation and suitable for an ambient temperature of up to +50°C.

The design is consistently created for stability and power efficiency as the boards are characterised by a smaller, but high quality components mounting density.

Thereby, the power consumption is lowered, the installed components are less exposed to thermal stress and the life cycle is extended.

Both mainboards support three digital video outputs, with two display ports of the version 1.2 allowing a 4K resolution at 60Hz. Another feature is the provision of a M.2 port, making it possible to omit a 2,5’-slot and the additional wiring for power supply and data lines.

The D3402-B with the Intel Q170 chipset provides enhanced manageability with Intel Active Management (iAMT) and vPro.

It supports up to 64GB memory and has a multi-level watchdog function. The D3417-B with the Intel C236 chipset allows the use of powerful XEON CPUs, which furthermore allow ECC (error correction code).

Due to the increased number of SATA ports and XEON support, the Fujitsu D3417-B can be considered as an alternative to workstations or entry-level server.

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