Computer-on-module supplier signs up to SMARC 2.1

11th May 2020
Mick Elliott

Avnet Integrated is supporting the recently adopted SMARC specification Revision 2.1.

A total of eight embedded module families from Avnet Integrated are currently compatible with SMARC 2.1:

  • MSC SM2S-RYZ (AMD Ryzen)
  • MSC SM2S-AL (IntelE39xx)
  • MSC SM2S-IMX8 (NXP Cortex-A72/A53)
  • MSC SM2S-IMX8M (NXP Cortex-A53)
  • MSC SM2S-IMX8MINI (NXP Cortex-A53)
  • MSC SM2S-IMX8NANO (NXP Cortex-A53)
  • MSC SM2S-IMX6 (NXP Cortex-A9)
  • MSC SM2S-IMX6ULL (NXP Cortex-A7)

The new SMARC 2.1 Specification for compact Computer-On-Modules (COMs) was adopted by the Standardisation Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET) at the end of March 2020.

It is backward compatible with Revision 2.0, which means that the investments already made in an embedded development are safeguarded.

Revision 2.1 offers numerous additional, modern interface options for the edge environment and for visualisation tasks.

It is worth emphasising the definition of SERDES signals as alternative to PCIeC and PCIeD. This means that up to four Ethernet ports can now be made available.

And because there are up to four modern MIPI CSI interfaces – two of which have been specified on optional extra connectors on the module – smart cameras can be connected quickly and easily.

In order to improve the legibility of the specification and thus increase design security, all essential data for individual pins such as the pin number, I/O type, voltage level, the power domain to be used and the necessary termination on the module or carrier board have been linked to one another.

In addition, a "Sleep" Power Domain with very low power consumption was defined. This enables new applications for battery or solar powered systems.

Avnet Integrated’s extensive portfolio of high-performance SMARC 2.1 modules is developed in the company’s own design centres and manufactured in highly automated production facilities in Germany.

In addition to hardware, Avnet Integrated provides complete design tools such as starter kits and board support packages (BSPs), as well as comprehensive services such as design-in support and carrier design review.

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