Company delivers fully assembled military backplanes

16th March 2017
Alice Matthews

Manufacturing and support services are provided by ERNI USA for military OEMs with special product requirements, performance specifications, test parameters and supply chain needs. With knowledge of pressfit technology (semi- and fully-automatic), ERNI specialises in fully assembled and fully-tested military backplanes. ERNI manufactures high-quality, low-to-mid volume, high-mix military backplanes for radar equipment, drones and other military equipment.

ERNI USA manufacturing services provides 100% X-ray inspection when required and features an extra heavy duty gantry inspection capability for handling populated double-sided PC boards that are up to 0.287" thick. ERNI's testing capabilities go beyond Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and bed-of-nails testing. ERNI's advanced Net-list testing coverage ensures 100% electrical testing of every connector contact point and every solder point via a RoBAT S1 backplane fixtureless test. With a rigorous quality control process and automated testing equipment, ERNI provides serialized data that is traceable at a cost far less than standard testing solutions.

ERNI test services can support any pitch, any connector and any size backplane. The automated equipment can also handle double-sided board testing. ERNI can process, produce and test with minimal NRE changes – all in less time and less cost.

"ERNI USA manufacturing provides the services military OEMs need to keep their development projects and special production runs on schedule," said Allen Cowan, Systems Engineering Manager at ERNI USA. "With ERNI Manufacturing Services, there is no risk of a bad board reaching the customer’s end product. Our advanced testing capabilities and procedures ensure every military backplane meets customer specifications."

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