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Security service launches misbehaviour authority service

17th January 2019
Alex Lynn

The wholly owned subsidiary of Green Hills Software, INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) has announced the ISS Misbehavior Authority Service (MAS), which is the first MA Service for the US V2X ecosystem. The ISS MAS will begin by serving all CMS Subscribers already subscribing to the ISS Certificate Management Service (CMS).

As the de facto US national SCMS Manager, ISS is again taking the technical leadership position to ensure the US V2X ecosystem is secure and interoperable. With the ISS MAS all new and existing ISS CMS Subscribers will be able to begin identifying vehicles for misbehaviour and removing them from their networks. Device manufacturers and all ISS CMS Subscribers should contact ISS by registering to discuss how to get their devices ISS CMS-certified, enabled with the ISS-approved MAS OBU client and begin testing. 

The ISS MAS extends the initial work in misbehaviour detection performed by ISS in past research. The ability to identify vehicles that are not sending correct V2X messages and to remove them from the connected vehicle ecosystem is an important security requirement to maintain trust in the ecosystem. The ISS MAS provides this capability on a scalable and efficient national level. As part of this, ISS will be publishing its misbehaviour detection criteria, reporting format and MAS APIs for OBU and RSU vendors to use with their compliant systems.

“Ensuring the US national V2X ecosystem is secure and interoperable is critical. Adding our industry-first ISS MAS to our national SCMS is the next step in establishing a trusted SCMS for the North American market,” said David Sequino, Co-Founder and President of INTEGRITY Security Services. “State and federally funded CV-Pilots and ISS CMS Subscribers now have one place to go to get their security requirements filled.”

Bill Lattin, ISS CSO and Co-Founder, added: “Misbehavior identification and revocation is critical to the trusted operation of the US V2X ecosystem. ISS’ MAS provides this fundamental service so that both connected and autonomous vehicles can use the V2X ecosystem with confidence.”

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