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No need for stabilisers with the self-balancing motorcycle

11th January 2017
Anna Flockett


One of the most aggravating things for a bike rider is maintaining your balance as the bike slows or comes to a stop. When at speed balancing is no problem at all, but the slower the bike travels the more problematic balancing becomes. 

At the recent CES show in Las Vegas, Honda revealed a concept of a motorbike that will balance itself even when unattended. And it does not stop there, the vehicle will even follow you around, with certain programming.

The motorbike is adapted from technology that Honda is already using in its ASIMO robot and UNI-MO self-balancing scooter as gyroscopes used for balance can add unwanted weight.

When the self-balancing motorcycle is standing completely still, or moving at less than three miles per hour, it enters ‘balance mode’ which activates the bikes metal forks to extend the front wheel away from the main body of the bike to provide great stability.

The technology will prove very handy for traffic lights and stop-start traffic when cyclists find it most difficult to defy gravity, the motorcycle can help.

Honda’s robotics technology created the self-balancing motorcycle with the aim to reduce the possibility of falling over whilst resting.

Whether the technology will be rolled-out to all Honda’s motorcycles has yet been discussed, in the meantime it will save so many knees from being scuffed.

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