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Meet Roadbudee; your virtual driving companion

7th August 2017
Alice Matthews

Ninety percent of road accidents are the result of human error. In 2016, Patrick Dubois founded Roadbudee, an automotive IT platform which promotes safe driving. By integrating and regulating all forms of mobile communications, Roadbudee hopes to improve safety for all road users. Roadbudee is a device which prevents you from sending text messages while driving. In order to start the engine, your phone must be connected to the Roadbudee. This is therefore a safe and practical way to stop using your smartphone at the wheel.

How does it work?
Connect your smartphone to your vehicle and let Roadbudee take over. When a text message appears on your mobile phone, its sender receives a polite message, notifying them that you’re currently driving and will get back to them as soon as you’ve stopped. Roadbudee is just like a travelling companion: it helps you and everyone else on the road to stay safe.

Two simple steps for road safety:

Step 1
Installation is quick and easy. A certified technician installs part A of Roadbudee in your vehicle so anyone can drive safely. The system includes innovative and interactive features, such as a remote starter, a car finder, and access to Roadbudee online community members.

Step 2
Part B, the only visible part, is about the size of a coin and serves as support. It’s magnetic, so drivers can receive calls or view the GPS without distractions, while other applications are disabled when the vehicle is moving.

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