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How is AI driving superhuman capabilities?

27th June 2019
Anna Flockett


When it comes to tech superiority which elements top the table? Darren Ward of REPLY believes it’s AI. During his talk at London Tech Week he asked the audience: “Are you ready for the ultimate step?”

He explained: “Since the dawn of time humans have reached for the stars and gone above and beyond to achieve things once deemed unimaginable. But now we have AI, machine learning, and deep tech these elements will take us into a new era, and breaking news; we’ve already started to enter this era.”

Over time have challenges become easier, or have humans become stronger?

Ward explained: “Take the task of climbing Mount Everest for example, Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first conquered the mountain in 1953, but now thousands of people have, with nowhere near as many deaths as in previous years. So has becoming climbing easier, or has this generation of humans become stronger?”

You could argue that humans have become slightly stronger, but the correct answer is technology. Ward elaborated: “Technology has become an enabler and humans want to equip themselves with tech to go one step further and conquer their fears.”

Technology can aid us to become stronger in so many ways. There are too many to list, but to mention a few:

  • Bionic legs
  • Smart contact lenses
  • Implantable sensors
  • Cyber pills
  • Cancer-killing nanoparticles
  • BrainWave Interfaces
  • Artificial organs

These are helping us to become ‘superhuman’ according to Ward. “But what is important, is having a clear goal and knowing what we want to achieve.”

Ward went on to say: “Technology really is creating super humans in so many ways. Tech not only helps people with disabilities but helps overcome these disabilities so people can not only get on with their lives, but excel in life. Competing in the Olympics is a perfect example of how technology has helped people with disabilities.”

Data and AI is fuelling the superhuman capabilities. Ward expanded: “Data can be used in such an effective way to diagnose things we would have never know about, and essentially save lives. There is so much potential for automation out there, so we need to make sure we pick the right technologies, which will benefit us the most and utilise our time and functionality better.”

One clear takeaway point from Ward’s talk, and London Tech Week in general, was to never underestimate the power of AI. “The opportunity of AI is so huge, and it gets so much negative press, but we can’t just listen to all the negatives we are fed. Half the time we don’t hear all the positive things that have come from AI.”

In a final and bold statement he stated: “AI is going to do amazing things, for one it will make humans live longer, it can make the world a better place, and hand on heart I believe tech is really cool.”

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