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Eyecloud Cam keeps an 'AI' on your safety

19th September 2018
Lanna Cooper


The smart home security camera, Eyecloud Cam is now available via a Kickstarter campaign. Eyecloud Cam is a home security camera that constantly monitors the safety of your family and your home, so you don’t have to, by putting the most advanced computer vision AI technology right inside the camera.

After positively identifying a threat, Eyecloud Cam sends out a notification with a description of the event, with accuracy as to why it has chosen to send out this alarm. To make your Smart Home even safer, Eyecloud is working on making the Eyecloud Cam fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.

The Eyecloud Cam is compact and discrete. Put the easy-to-mount Eyecloud Cam exactly where you need it, to provide 24-hour detection and surveillance. An Eyecloud Cam at the front door can monitor visitors, inside the home, the Eyecloud Cam can warn of intruders, watch over pets and children, or could help provide early warning of safety incidents. 

Keeps you secure even when disconnected
With its long six month battery life, on-board AI, and 8GB of local storage, Eyecloud Cam keeps protecting you, your family, and your home, even while power and internet access are unavailable. Eyecloud Cam is completely cordless and requires no base station to operate. The smart technology can tell the difference between intruders, visitors, acquaintances, or your kids playing in the backyard, and sends you alerts only when it detects unusual events.

For privacy reasons, the Eyecloud Cam will send a text notification warning all the connected users, who can then open the app to find out the real reason for the alert. The Eyecloud Cam is completely configurable for alert situations, from snapshots or videos, the owner is in complete control.  

Protects privacy, as well as safety
The aim to help you stay safe, but also have a strong emphasis on privacy. Eyecloud Cam’s secure local storage, strong encryption, and local AI processing of images help ensure that your personal data is always protected. Artificial intelligence with human security and privacy needs to offer customers happiness, sanctuary, and peace of mind.

Developed by minds in Silicon Valley
The Eyecloud Cam was developed by a team of minds in the field of AI and Computer Imaging to give it an unprecedented accuracy by using the newest technologies while keeping overall costs low.

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