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Deploying DexoryView at FLX Logistics

22nd May 2024
Sheryl Miles

Dexory, one of the leading data intelligence companies, announces it has deployed DexoryView, its AI and robotics solution, at the state-of-the-art warehouse facility of FLX Logistics, part of the Freshlinc Group, in Peterborough, UK.

By using robotics and digital twin technologies, FLX Logistics, specialists in ambient logistics management, will be able to drive efficiencies and confirms the company’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

“At FLX Logistics, we are always looking for ways to enhance efficiency and accuracy across our operations,” says Sam Goodger, General Manager for FLX Logistics site at Peterborough. “Using DexoryView from the outset at our new facility provides us with unparalleled real-time data on stock accuracy that empowers our team to drive the business forward.”

In a recent successful implementation, at FLX Logistics’ brand new facility, spanning an impressive 140,000 square feet and housing products ranging from diverse food products, raw materials, and finished goods, Dexory unveiled its cutting-edge DexoryView solution, featuring state-of-the-art autonomous mobile robotics (AMRs) and a seamlessly integrated digital twin.  FLX Logistics was able to generate data from the outset to ensure it has stock accuracy from the opening of the new warehouse. This combined with having access to real-time data of the warehouse on an ongoing basis, allows the business to elevate the efficiency of its warehouse operations to an unprecedented level.

“We are thrilled to be working with FLX Logistics in revolutionising their warehouse operations,” says Oana Jinga, Chief Commercial and Product Officer & Co-Founder at Dexory. “Having implemented DexoryView from the outset shows that FLX Logistics is a forward thinking business and sees the benefit in utilising real-time data and insights to better drive efficiency across its operations. We have already seen the company use the data to effectively manage and transform its day-to-day operations thanks to the insights they are able to glean from DexoryView.”

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