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Data management supports autonomous driving research

18th May 2018
Lanna Deamer

Quantum has named AutonomouStuff LLC its primary partner for storage distribution in the automotive market, enabling them to deliver Quantum’s comprehensive end-to-end storage solutions for both in-vehicle and data center environments. Quantum’s StorNext-powered scale-out storage provides high performance ingest of data into the data centre when test vehicles return to the garage, thereby speeding time to result for sensor-generated in-vehicle data.

Quantum in-vehicle storage is designed to fit the environmental and space requirements of autonomous vehicles. The combined solution enables AutonomouStuff to extend its offerings beyond in-vehicle solutions to include data centre storage to support analysis and long term data retention.

Active data management enables large-scale research
StorNext solutions combine high performance storage with low cost archive storage to enable easy data integration and management for the transition between high performance analysis and long term retention. With this type of active data management large-scale projects are substantially more economically viable, lowering data storage costs by an order of magnitude.

Storage designed to scale with autonomous vehicle research requirements
Quantum has worked closely with AutonomouStuff and its customers to define and create a complete end-to-end research solution that includes durable in-vehicle storage for test vehicles. The resulting solution is self-protecting, self-managed data centre storage where analysis and solution development takes place.

It also provides autonomous vehicle developers with an easy way to move data from test vehicles to the data centre while achieving the lowest cost storage and delivering high performance shared access, integrated protection and data life cycle management. Quantum’s multitiered storage approach automatically places less active data on the most cost effective storage media while active data resides on high performance storage.

This is critical for autonomous vehicle development environments that generate petabytes of data which needs to be retained for many years to meet regulations and to validate algorithms as designs evolve.

Bobby Hambrick, Founder and CEO, AutonomouStuff said: “Autonomous research generates an enormous volume of data which is vital to achieving the goal of a safe autonomous vehicle. Quantum multitier data storage kits powered by StorNext offer a highly scalable and economical solution to the data dilemma researchers face.”

Molly Presley, Vice President, Global Marketing, Quantum said: “The promise of safer, more autonomous vehicles has captured the public imagination, and intelligent storage solutions are key to delivery of that promise. In partnership with AutonomouStuff, Quantum is in the vanguard of delivering storage solutions that balance performance with cost to help advance research of significant value to society.”

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