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AI Solutions demonstrated through virtual introduction

26th March 2020
Alex Lynn

Innovation is key within the electronics industry. Investing in smart solutions to improve manufacturing is essential with emerging trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming an integral part of the production line. Altus Group understands the significance of AI and is demonstrating its solutions through virtual introductions.

As electronics’ manufacturers look to incorporate smart solutions on to the shop floor, Altus is seeing increased interest in Koh Young’s metrology based full 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection systems which incorporate AI technology to improve production.

“Koh Young is a leader in its field with a range of highly advanced 3D AOI systems, including the most recent Zenith2,” said Matthew Jones, Altus Sales Director.

“The Zenith2 platform adapts the Koh Young AI engine to simplify programming and extend inspection coverage. Through the use of AI in Automated Programming, the time required to programme PCBs is dramatically reduced.In fact theautomated programming software reduces programming time by 70%, an important feature in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment.

“This impressive system, together with Koh Young’s other innovative range of AOI equipment is available to try in the Altus demo room, however due to the current difficulties with COVID-19 we have set up a remote demonstration programme. Customers can understand the full capacity of the system through live data shared over our VPN network. With live audio and video integration, our experts can introduce the system and run real-time demonstrations to customers who may be working from their home office,” concluded Jones.

The Zenith2 combines Koh Young’s advanced vision algorithms, the resulting programmes can be used in production to give true high speed metrology based quantitative inspection and measurement. This matches the pulse rate of the line, with the minimum of ‘false calls’ and ‘escapes’. As the inspection is measurement based, programmes can be transported to other Koh Young AOI systems and give reliable and repeatable results.

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