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AI-based tool to accelerate research on COVID-19

30th April 2020
Lanna Cooper

Expert System has announced its AI-based tool, Clinical Research Navigator (CRN), an integral part of its initiatives for general research, diagnosis and testing in response to the global COVID-19 health emergency, is powered by AWS.

Leveraging AWS allowed Expert System to benefit from a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure able to respond to the growing number of researchers accessing the platform and the increasing amount of clinical and biomedical content available.

“As an AI company headquartered in Italy, Expert System wanted to do everything we could in the fight against COVID-19”, said Walt Mayo, Expert System Group, CEO. “We made access to our Clinical Research Navigator free to provide biomedical researchers with real time access to efforts around the world to discover treatments and potentially a cure.

"Building our Clinical Research Navigator on AWS allows us to scale our tool and improve its performance, thus empowering researchers around the globe to accelerate research against COVID-19.”

Expert System’s Clinical Research Navigator powered by AWS helps medical researchers obtain the high level of performance they need to search and filter critical information in real time and at scale.

CRN provides a comprehensive access to clinical trials, scientific publications, research projects, patents, news and social media streams. Thanks to new partnership efforts with The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), CRN now mines the content of the world’s leading medical journal to deliver researchers with consistently structured clinical content.

Several healthcare and biomedical organisations and researchers are already using CRN to search across a wide range of topics such as infections, drugs, mechanisms of action, organisations, experts, geographies and more.

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