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Aetina showcases its new AI Solutions at embedded world 2023

10th March 2023
Harry Fowle

Aetina has showcased its new embedded computers, AI inference platforms, GPUs, AI accelerators, and Edge devices management software at embedded world 2023.

GPU and ASIC solutions

Aetina provides different types of form factors based on GPUs or ASICs, such as MXMs, graphic cards, and Edge computing systems. The MXMs that are powered by NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPU offers extra computing power to existing AI systems, ensuring low-latency data analytics tasks. The MXMs and systems that are built with ASICs, on the other hand, are ideal for the creation of any specific applications or AI systems that involve multi-inference processes.

Embedded computers powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin series

As an elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, Aetina offers a variety of Edge computing systems and platforms powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI and robotics platform. Aetina’s newly released embedded computers are built with the Jetson Orin series SoMs—Jetson AGX Orin, Jetson Orin NX, and Jetson Orin Nano; these small-sized systems and platforms, supporting different peripherals, can be easily integrated into larger AI-powered systems while also being able to function as a standalone AI computer.

AI inference platforms

Aetina’s MegaEdge is a series of AI inference platforms that feature a powerful CPU and are compatible with either graphic cards or MXM modules to deal with heavy workloads and complex AI analytic tasks. The latest MegaEdge model supports up to two passively cooled graphics cards and up to two ASIC-based M.2; developers can use the MegaEdge model for high-level AI inference by installing proper graphic cards and AI accelerators into it.

Edge device monitoring and management

Aetina delivers a complete solution to help AI system owners efficiently manage all the Edge devices in their system networks even if the devices are located in different places. System owners can set up a private server and monitor all their Edge devices with EdgeEye – a Cloud management platform created by Aetina to let the system owners quickly find any malfunctioning Edge devices that need to be fixed or replaced. EdgeEye features a user-friendly interface that shows the real-time status of all connected Edge devices, allowing the system owners to have a clear idea if their devices are functioning normally.

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