High-definition video transmission test utilising 5G

5th February 2019
Alex Lynn

Network technology specialist, NEC Corporation has contributed to a high-definition video transmission test utilising 5G with a high-speed train, conducted by NTT Communications, NTT DOCOMO and TOBU RAILWAY through the provision of a 5G base station. This test was conducted in Kasukabe City, Japan, using a train on the Tobu Skytree Line from December 17th to 21st, 2018.

The 4K and 8K high-definition videos were transmitted from a 5G base station installed along the railroad, corresponding to the 4.5GHz band and 28GHz band, to a 5G mobile station located inside a train running at approximately 90km/h and projected on a large display in real time. In addition, the videos were transmitted to 40 smartphones on the train via wireless LAN.

The NEC 5G base station was equipped with a Massive MIMO antenna, which forms beams (directivity) that concentrate power on the location and direction of the 5G mobile station. Since the antenna always forms optimal beams for a mobile station by making the beams track the mobile station in motion, it is capable of realising a high-data transmission rate and high-quality wireless data communication, even for a mobile station installed inside a moving train, as in this demonstration.

This demonstration of 5G enables the transmission of high-presence and high-definition video content, even on a train or a bus in motion, providing a service that allows the distribution of large-capacity content in a variety of media, regardless of the location or situation. Moving forward, NEC will continue to work on 5G verification throughout a wide range of use cases, such as urban and rural areas.

This demonstration includes part of the results of a 5G Integrated Verification Trial conducted by NTT Communications Corporation in 2018: ‘The commissioned research and examination concerning technical conditions, for the fifth-generation mobile communications system capable of high-speed communication exceeding 1Gbps on average during moving at high-speed’, commissioned by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

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