Decentralised network opportunities with 5G hotspots

27th July 2022
Sheryl Miles

Baicells Technologies, a provider of LTE and 5G cellular technology for enterprises and communities, and Parley Labs, a provider and reseller of Blockchain solutions supporting IoT and LTE connectivity, have announced a partnership to address the Decentralised Wireless Network (DeWi) space.

These DeWi networks are an alternative model that help deliver advanced wireless coverage, indoors and out, to communities and enterprises across the US.

Baicells is already a solution provider to DeWi operators like FreedomFi with its 430H and 436H Small Cells that come pre-provisioned with operator gateway software that enables a quick and easy setup.

These DeWi networks are open for participation to anyone who can purchase a turnkey 5G Hotspot solution bundle from organisations like Baicells, Parley Labs, or even the DeWi operator.

With the advances in small cell technology, these platforms are increasingly affordable and easy to deploy, helping bring cellular connectivity and its inherent benefits to users and enterprises of all types and sizes.

The 5G hotspots in these DeWi networks use CBRS spectrum to connect to a long list of user devices like smart phones, tablets, scanners, video cameras, and more. CBRS compatible network devices have been available for over three years.

Once deployed and in service, the 5G Hotspot owner earns MOBILE Tokens for providing wireless coverage and connectivity to user devices. As more devices connect and more traffic is transported on the DeWi small cell, the owner earns more.

The MOBILE tokens then have value as a crypto currency from the Helium network community. The date to first start earning these MOBILE tokens is scheduled for July (2022), so the timing to be an early adopter can be attractive to many.

“Never before has an individual, small business, or community been able to take control of their wireless infrastructure like they can now. Through our partnership with BaiCells, we are enabling our customers and the greater DeWi community to participate in this paradigm shift of wireless infrastructure. BaiCells and Parley Labs are putting power into the hands of those who are creating new opportunities and businesses; this will accelerate coverage in the most needed areas addressing the growing wireless coverage and capacity demand.” – Bryan Bui-Tuong, CEO, Parley Labs

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