Advanced 5G infrastructure solutions deployed

19th November 2018
Lanna Cooper

Skyworks Solutions announced that it is ramping 5G small cell and massive MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) solutions that significantly enhance network efficiency, delivering higher capacity with greater coverage. Small cells are low power, easy-to-implement radio access points that operate in both licensed and unlicensed spectrums with a typical range of ten to several hundred metres.

Mobile operators are utilising a scalable grid of small cells to facilitate powerful, high speed connectivity in support of data intensive and quickly emerging 5G applications. Skyworks’ portfolio creates viable new options for cellular and wireless providers to cost effectively address mounting system requirements.

“Skyworks’ leading small cell architectures are enabling high density platforms, creating faster, more robust communication and, in turn, expanding carrier capacity,” said David Stasey, Vice President and General Manager of diversified analogue solutions for Skyworks.

“We are bringing next generation networks closer to subscribers while at the same time partnering with smartphone manufacturers via our innovative Sky5 suite. Our comprehensive approach across both infrastructure and user equipment uniquely positions us to empower end-to-end 5G connectivity.”

According to Research and Markets, the total value of the small cell market is expected to grow from $13bn in 2017 to more than $58bn by 2024.

Skyworks’ engines deliver the superior performance required for 5G, providing greater overall system efficiency and wide instantaneous bandwidth capability. The company’s complete 5G base station portfolio encompasses small cell amplifiers, circulators, high performance low noise amplifiers and high-isolation switches.

Select products include:

  • SKY67150-396LF - 300-2,200MHz ultra low noise amplifier
  • SKY66313-11 - 3.4-3.6MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth high efficiency power amplifier
  • SKYFR-001705 - 4,400-5,000MHz single-junction robust lead circulator
  • SKY13372-467LF - 0.1-6.0GHz high isolation SPDT absorptive switch.

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