5G RAN framework to speed 5G development for NEPs

8th July 2019
Lanna Cooper

In a move that accelerates the development path to 5G for network equipment providers, Altran announced that its pre-integrated 5G RAN framework will now be used by Shenzhen Fu Hua Ke (FHK), a subsidiary of Foxconn Industry Internet (FII),  which develops the 5G wireless and edge computing technologies with an emphasis on the applications in IIoT systems both inside and outside Foxconn.

Altran developed its 5G RAN framework to be fully compliant with 3GPP specifications. The solution has both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes, providing scalability for large and small deployments. Foxconn founded FHK and is investing heavily in 5G use cases to support millimeter wave (mmW) and sub-6GHz frequencies. This new partnership enables FHK to develop turnkey 5G access integration that reduces deployment time.

“5G supports a wide array of use cases, ranging from low latency IoT deployments to high speed mobile broadband on varying spectrum bands and deployments,” said N. Mohan Rangan, Group SVP and Chief Engineering Officer at Altran. “The flexible, scalable, feature-rich 5G framework from Altran is platform independent and enables NEPs to develop their platforms to meet varying service and scalability requirements and deployment splits.”

Altran’s software framework solution contains 3GPP-specified Layer 2 and 3 capabilities, as well as scheduler and Radio Resource Management (RRM) applications that are pre-integrated with PHY from multiple vendors for interoperability. The hardware-agnostic 5G framework can be ported on any platform, providing a significant advantage for NEPs that are developing 5G trials with service providers across the globe.

“Given the variety of use cases and applications that 5G supports, we are eager to partner with industry leaders like Altran, which have the expertise to develop reliable, robust and interoperable 5G solutions,” said Wei Luo, who is the CEO of FHK and VP with Foxconn. “The collaboration with Altran enables us to develop solutions for operators to seamlessly scale, maximise bandwidth spectrum and enhance subscriber quality of experience.”

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