5G fixed internet service selected for Costa Blanca

12th July 2017
Joe Bush

With a network spanning 275km of Mediterranean coastline and more than 10,000 square kilometres, aeromax is a key Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in the south eastern coastal region of Spain. The WISP has selected Mimosa solutions for its new 5G fixed wireless service, deploying Mimosa Networks’ Access, Backhaul and Client solutions to deliver speeds of 100Mbps and greater for its residential and business customers in more than 2,000 cities and towns in Spain’s Costa Blanca region.

With a growing customer base and increasing subscriber demand, aeromax designed its new 5G high speed network to run in parallel with their existing network. Named aeromax f: fibre over the air, the network utilises Mimosa GigaPoP and MicroPoP architectures. The aeromax GigaPoPs are tower deployments using Mimosa A5c connectorised access points and C5c connectorised client radios to service subscribers over a large geography. In high density neighbourhoods, aeromax’s MicroPoP hub locations use Mimosa A5 access points connecting to Mimosa C5 client devices to serve residential subscribers.

In these neighbourhoods, strategically located homeowners agree to serve as hub homes in exchange for discounted service, a strategy which enables aeromax to scale quickly and effectively without the need for tower rentals or third party assets. Coupled with the upgrade of its backbone infrastructure running on high capacity links and fibre optic fallbacks in n-Gbps design, aeromax is able to deliver high speeds at 100% of contract to their customers.

Mimosa A5 access point deployed in aeromax’s 5G Fixed wireless network

“We are thrilled with the reliability, throughput and speeds of the Mimosa gear,” said Stephan Bergmann, CEO of aeromax. “With Mimosa, we have achieved amazing quality of service results on our aeromax f 5G offering, and our customers are even more amazed with the stability and speed. Mimosa’s fibre fast speeds have also enabled us to win against the 4G/LTE services in licensed spectrum.”

For aeromax, Mimosa’s Hybrid Fibre Wireless (HFW) technology significantly improves the time to market and lowers the costs involved with providing service to subscribers. And Mimosa’s proprietary Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS) technology leverages advancements in Massive MIMO and antenna beamforming to scale wireless networks with expanded capacity and bandwidth. Precise time coordination of transmissions network-wide eliminates the interference caused by nearby radios, allowing a single access point to efficiently reuse channels rather than wasting precious spectrum.

Map view of deployed Mimosa devices

Map view of deployed Mimosa devices

aeromax chose to use RF elements’ Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class antennas in conjunction with Mimosa’s A5c connectorised access points. With a wider elevation pattern than a traditional sector antenna, they are a good fit for hilly terrain, projecting signals across more homes more effectively.

“We are amazed at how easy and accurate RF elements’ new horn technology is. Aiming and installation are simple. For aeromax, it’s the perfect solution to deploy. And coupled with our existing wireless network – Mimosa Networks’ 5G gear – it is rapid, safe and precise,” said Bergmann.

Originally from Germany, Bergmann moved to Spain and founded aeromax in 1997, first introducing broadband solutions for rural areas in 2005. The company currently employs a staff of 16 people including customer support, installation and maintenance. Breaking into the Spanish market was initially difficult, but the Costa Blanca region is rich in expat communities and tourism businesses, and the company has established a reputation of providing excellent service. As it grows, the company continues to reinvest its profits into the network to make it bigger, more stable, more reliable and in Bergmann’s words, “just amazing.”

“We are excited to work alongside aeromax and are thrilled with the great customer satisfaction they have achieved,” said Brian Hinman, CEO, Mimosa Networks. “Bringing fibre fast speeds to south eastern Spain at a fraction of the cost is good for business and the local economy.” Moving forward, aeromax is planning to continue its partnership with Mimosa as it expands its 5G network with the addition of over 1,000 subscribers in the coming year.

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